A Hoary bat enjoys her dinner at Wild Things Sanctuary - Duration: 0:49. They are insectivores like most bats are, but their preferred prey items are moths. Site requirements | Accessibility | Legal | Privacy | Employee resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The wings of most other bats in Montana are hairless and their ears are long. 1 No other land mammal has made it to Hawaiʻi without the help of humans. The ears are yellow with black edges, and rounded in shape. The fur is brown-gray with a heavy white tinge, giving these bats a hoary (or frosted) appearance. Their fur is dark and usually tipped with white. The Hoary Bat may become Hawaii's state mammal - Duration: 1:25. a Species of Concern within Montana Hawaiian Hoary Bat-Our Only Native Land Mammal. Appearance because the population here, though widespread, is relatively small. The Red, and the Hoary Bat, three or four inches lon