I had not cleaned it before leaving over Christmas. How often do you have to clean yours and is it pretty easy to clean? Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. I honestly love them and think they work great. I have the same Vicks Humidifier. Just thought maybe u could kinda help me figure out what’s going on. Kept wondering why that area of my humidifier was getting white/tan crusty film and flakes. I remembered in one of the answers someone had asked a question about how to clean them. When I read your post, I immediately got my Vicks humidifier, (I have the same kind) and check the innards. Whatever it is, I’m sure it reduces the performance of the humidifier and probably reduces the life of it, as well. Drum-Style Humidifier. I was replacing the wick in my humidifier about every 6 weeks (until this winter when our city water was unusually hard). It’s also good for cleaning showers/tubs to remove the scale. A person who answered recommended soaking the element in a vinegar/water solution about once a month. I guess when heated up, that’s what they do. Looking inside it I was ready to toss it. I ordered it from here: Cleaning Vinegar. I use filtered water from the tap. the noise level that you can expect from this humidifier won't go over 30 dB. This does not affect the purity of the steam. Please note: This method worked for my humidifier, but check the manual that came with your humidifier for the manufacturer’s recommendations. The two will react VERY quickly and bubble over quite fast if you’re not on the ball with how much you put in. Thanks for those tips, Colette! By using our site, you agree to our. I was really glad it worked! I’m cleaning it every day. That residue happens in your humidifier because as the tap water boils to create the steam, there is evaporation and the minerals that cause limescale (calcium, magnesium, carbonate, and sulfate) remain and become even more concentrated. The air passes through the humidifier coil and the moisture traps all the impurities etc on the fins and they're washed down into the sump. Buy products such as Honeywell & Vicks Humidifiers, Honeywell Cool Moisture Germ-Free Humidifier HCM-350, White at Walmart and save. Wash the parts with a sponge. In the photo below you can see how the crusty stuff was beginning to look on the bedroom humidifier after about 4-5 hours soaking time. Brenda, definitely would love to hear more about the soaker tub. watch for it tomorrow. Before putting them away for the winter, I wanted to give them a good cleaning so they would be ready when I pull them back out next winter. Since then, I’ve never used (and never will) anything but a boiling-water steam humidifier – sterilizes and auto-distills. I changed the water daily and had same results. I don’t think I would like having to do it weekly, but it’s worth it for the comfort it brings! Open up the humidifier tank, put it in an empty dishwasher and clean it on the hottest, longest cycle it will do. Just fill the area around the element like you have done, with 100% vinegar (don’t dilute it), tilt it up a little, set it outside and turn it on with the little tower piece attached so that gets vinegar steamed. I”m happy for all who used vinegar and got good results in cleaning humidifiers. Enter your email below: October Favorites & Some Would Make Great Gifts, Nancy’s April Favorites and The Ones I’m Buying for Myself. Most of mine came off over night, just a few stubborn fragments are left but I can see it would be a lot easier to do this every month. I have dry eyes (ughhh, contact lenses!) Victor Belavus is an Air Conditioning Specialist and the Owner of 212 HVAC, an air condition repair and installation company based in Brooklyn, New York. He has over 10 years of experience working with HVAC systems. Do you see the steam coming out the top? Tomorrow morning, dump out the vinegar and clean off as much of the calcium/mineral build up as you can. A cup of white vinegar in the tray or tank and 20 minutes of soaking time starts the process. Plus, you can use it on fabric and it won’t hurt it. One of the first things I decided to store away this week were the two Vicks Warm-Mist Humidifiers I’ve been using all winter. I do think the idea of soaking a paper towel in vinegar and wrapping it around the heating element might help. You may eventually have to replace it, not sure how long these humidifiers are supposed to last. Since low humidity can have an impact on dog dandruff — “If there’s really dry air in the household, that can potentially dry everyone’s skin out,” Cain says — it’s good to keep a humidifier going, particularly in your dog's sleeping area. Forgot all about cleaning it for a few years. Here's how to identify and treat dry skin on cats to maximize your pet's comfort. I've noticed (for quite some time now) that there is this filmy black stuff in the humidifier. After I had already angrily taken a knife to the heating element buildup. Do you have well water…or did you not check it when you put water in it. Carole, when I was soaking mine, after it had soaked for about 12 hours, I chipped a little of the stuff away so the vinegar could get in there and work. I use the filtered water from our refrigerator in the coffee maker and have almost no issue with calcium deposits there. It worked great on mine, hope it works for your humidifier, too. My way has been the hard way for sure. I know I’d never take the time to do it once a week, I’m doing good to remember once a month. I originally thought I wanted a claw foot when I thought about it years ago, but I love the look of the tubs that slope upward on both ends and sit atop a small pedestal. You can speed up the vinegar process by warming the vinegar in the microwave first. Mine never got clean despite soaking for several days- changing the vinegar a number of times. © 2008-2020, Between Naps on the Porch | All Rights Reserved. unlocking this staff-researched answer. I’ve been cleaning our humidifier this week, too! I think I’ll probably shoot for clean it out every couple of weeks this next winter and hopefully it won’t take very long. Yes, distilled water will totally prevent any mineral crust build-up. : ( Yeah, it made a huge difference in my sleeping at night, definitely having one here during the day in my office. I need to do the worse one again, but the other came out great! I think the crusty stuff that forms is most likely caused by the minerals in our tap water. BestAir Replacement Humidifer Filter Water Pad A10 9 Inch By 10 Inch. How can I clean my humidifier's filter with organic ingredients? He has over 10 years of experience working with HVAC systems. So, I dumped out some of the vinegar and added some fresh vinegar back in. For every cup of water poured into the tank, add 1 cup distilled white vinegar. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT USE A DREMMEL (or even a knife!) :)))). Expert Interview. Needless to say, that was the last time I used a humidifier. Decorating, Tablescaping, Before and Afters, Thrifty Finds, and Gardening. This article was co-authored by Victor Belavus. I was about to take a hammer and chisel to it (not really … well maybe) when I saw your suggestion. Drain the water from the reservoir and then refill it with a vinegar solution. You’re using a cool-mist humidifier, then, not a boiled-steam one. My favorite humidifier as well! Victor Belavus is an Air Conditioning Specialist and the Owner of 212 HVAC, an air condition repair and installation company based in Brooklyn, New York. If a lot of the gray stuff came off on yours, it might be safer to just replace it with a new one, then just clean that one on a regular basis. Tara. I understand now why you hear so much about “spring” cleaning. That cost would add up really quickly. Since then I change the wick every 3 to 4 weeks, even if it doesn’t look bad. I am currently in the midst of doing four of mine and shall add; really reconsider having a free standing soaker tub (for a multitude of reasons). I don’t want to use medicated or OTC drops the rest of my life so it’s the humidifier every night! It removed the deposits on the heating element that resisted a knife, a box cutter and a screwdriver. . My dad used some kind of mechanical wire brush to get in there and cut the stuff off. I love this article. Someone in the reviews/questions section on Amazon said the stuff that forms is calcium. I do hate to write a negative review, but be warned, this vaporizer collects brown flake sediments in the bottom and the components collected a brown/rust coating that I was unable to clean. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. You can damage it. Subscribe for Daily Blog Post Updates! I took your advise soaked in name brand vinegar overnight, and presto. I did my legacy humidifiers every week for years with no problems. I know it’s been quite some time since the original post, but another option is to use a citric acid (available in the canning section of most grocery stores) solution instead of vinegar. Shop for humidifier no filter at Bed Bath & Beyond. We don’t use one anymore. I just bought a warm steam humidifier for my college dorm. Using a regular kitchen sponge, wipe all the components with the vinegar in the sink. A humidifier works by circulating moisture in your house and is especially helpful in winter months when the humidity level is typically at its lowest. and it’s the only thing that helps. What would we do without vinegar? This article was co-authored by Victor Belavus. It did ok, but it doesn’t fit to get to the hard to get places near the bottom, so an hour of scrapping with a small electrical flat head screw driver. Other bottled waters are not a substitute for distilled water. Going to try it immediately on my current unit. This crust is so hard, you can’t even cut it with a knife! lol. If you're looking for Humidifiers for sale online, Wayfair has several options sure to satisfy the pickiest shopper. 6 May 2020. I have no trouble with mold in our warm mist humidifier. . Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today. I decided to just go for it because I’m impatient. Mine was in terrible shape but it did work. I have two small humidifiers. I used 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar, heated for 1 minute and added 1 tablespoon dawn (blue) dish soap. I’ve tried 50/50 tap/distilled and there is less build-up, but this year I’m using 100% distilled and there is never build-up on the heating element. $500 isn’t that bad for the comfort it provides year after year. Maybe you’ll need to dilute the vinegar with water each time. My project this week was to give my screen porch furniture a new coat of paint. Have you ever had to clean a heating element inside a warm-mist humidifier? Oh my goodness! They worked awesome all winter so if you need a humidifier, I can definitely recommend this one. You probably should check with the manufacturer to find out for sure. Am pretty amazed at what just straight vinegar has accomplished so far! And while the vinegar is effective on the build up, it’s not going to harm any metal springs. There are several types: Central humidifiers are built into home heating and air conditioning systems and are designed to humidify the whole house. Seriously – use ONLY vinegar to dissolve the accumulations, pretty much anything mechanical you do will make things worse, no matter how delicate you try to be. This is exaclty how I clean mine and I do it about once a month during the wintrer months! Any other thoughts? Shop for Humidifiers in Air Quality. Apparently, you just spray this stuff on and do nothing and it eats up all that mold/mildew. Thanks, Tara…glad this helped. It sure worked for you. I use this mixture in a spray bottle for my showers and tubs. I decided to give that a whirl. 3. I didn’t notice anything. Once it’s cut, the heating element will start to rust quickly, destroying the humidifier AND creating one *hell* of a fire hazard if the water does leak *into* the element. Most of it came off with a little soaking and a soft toothbrush but the blue part in the middle will have to soak overnight. P.S. I’ve been cleaning the water basin with vinegar but neglecting the inner parts. When winter begins to fall away and the days start getting longer and warmer, something inside you just makes you want to clean and freshen up everything in sight. I have a carrier furnace with a humidifier (#HUMCCSBP2017). I called Amazon and the … When I returned home it started again. My DH (dear husband) and i run a humidifier in our kids rooms when they are sick. I’ll definitely be using them again this winter, made a huge difference at night and in my office. I use to use my dremel tool to lightly sand that gunk of the heating element of my humidifier. Turn the humidifier off and pull its plug from the electrical outlet. I kept it away from any furniture but I’ll double check that, too. Put the vinegar in first, and slowly add baking soda. We keep 2 pots on the wood stove and several humidifiers on in the winter. But I probably could have taken just enough off to get it working again. Refill the machine with clean water each time you’d like to use it. mjv. lol That thought crossed my mind, too. I just need to clean them a lot more often. Brown Humidifiers. I have the same Vicks humidifier. Did you know you can read answers researched by wikiHow Staff? After I cleaned it, it seems to put out as much mist as it ever has. Here’s how the office humidifier was looking after 4-5 hours. Well but I let one of them go a little longer than usual and it is awful hard to get that junk off!! You can also subscribe without commenting. Did u notice that the mist or Vick’s inhalant wasn’t as strong as it was when u first started using it? Luckily we were able to roll the paper back up the walls and get it to stick. I can’t imagine breathing that without changing them weekly…I hope to hear how the newer one works for you! Now the pollen has started falling in upstate SC, so everything is covered with sheets. : Re your proposed bathroom upgrades. I figured if vinegar could eat this impossibly hard, crusty stuff off a heating element, it could probably do some pretty significant damage to a metal spring. This will help to remove any mineral deposits that are currently present. One worse than the other. If there’s still some left, just add more vinegar and let it soak a while longer. Dietary Intervention for Dog Dander Treatment Proper diet is an equally important factor in as fat as dog dandruff prevention and control is concerned. I think it must be similar to de-scaling a coffee maker, which is what I did yesterday. I live in Georgia so the water may have less minerals, etc… than some other areas. I only run mine during the winter, and despite having fairly balanced water here in the Atlanta area, it does start to crust up pretty badly after about a month. Just to make sure everything was still in working condition, I filled one of the humidifiers with water and turned it on. What does it mean when the red light is on? It definitely made sleeping at night a lot more comfortable. Only use distilled water in your humidifier, as its lower mineral content will lead to less buildup inside your machine. I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of the gray stuff is, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Warm-mist humidifiers can create a more comfortable environment by releasing moisture into your home’s air. That is so interesting about the cart batteries! I normally scrape it off with a butter knife but this year it’s not budging. $14.99. Have a super weekend! Clean your humidifier every three days for optimal functioning. That is nearly silent and it won't disturb your, or your kids' sleep. The Equate Vaporizer is a warm misting humidifier which can help to increase the humidity in your room. And, the level of humidity in your indoor air can either help your allergy symptoms or hurt them if humidity gets out of control. Learn the factors that may be causing dry scalp, like hair products or weather, see how it's different from other conditions like dandruff or eczema, and learn how to treat dry scalp today. I doubt I’ll do that for the hall bath since it will be a “kids” bath for most families who live here and will need to be a bath/shower combo since that’s a small bath, but am very interested in a soaker tub for my master bath. Never miss a Between Naps on the Porch post! I think the flakes do have a lot of dissolved mineral, but if that were all, the flakes would be white or very light gray. I hope this still works ok. That is what I have it soaking in right now, but if it doesn’t work, vinegar will be my next step bc I have to have a humidifier all winter bc the dry air cause bad head aches. I also use distilled water in my humidifier which is a much cleaner steam. It’s worked great and very quickly so far, it’s only been about 20 minutes and 70% of it is gone. It came off in big chunks fairly easily, so it wasn’t too bad. A humidifier, however, emits moisture (usually via a mist) to get your space to the optimal humidity sweet spot: between 40 and 60 percent. By the way, I was able to remove the plastic “cone” at the top and found more gunk there. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. the instruction manual says once a week and I can see why I just took mine apart to clean it after using it for a couple of weeks and it was pretty scary lots of lime and rust I was able to wipe out the loose stuff with a damp paper towel then used a plastic dental pick to loosen up the stuff on the warmer and pic it off in chunks It didn’t get it all off but enough it should work a little better. If you really can’t stand to see another ad again, then please consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. It will get to where you won’t smell much of it at all, but when other people come in your home, the vicks smell will burn their noses because you like most folks will ad more vicks because you can’t smell it as well anymore. No, it’s city water, not well water. Then I fit a wash cloth around the element and soaked it with full strength vinegar. It’s kind of fun to put up away some of the things I’ve been using this winter, a sign that winter is pretty much a thing of the past. It’s so thick I could hardly scrape it off with a knife, so I have it soaking in vinegar to hopefully loosen it enough so I can remove it. We had a whole house humidifier installed when we built our house 25 years ago & it never worked as we expected. It’s also useful for cleaning the shower doors or anything else that has build-up. This is a good idea if you catch it early enough, but in my case, it crusted up before I noticed that this would even happen.. and it plugged up, causing the unit to turn itself off as though there’s no water in the tank. ; Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a cool mist with ultrasonic vibration. I never noticed any moldy smell or anything. Then it hit me. I began to worry that the vinegar could possibly damage the little spring that’s inside the blue slide thingy that helps hold parts of the humidifier in place when it’s reassembled. It was pretty dirty, and although I didn’t see mold, I’m sure there was mold in it, because within a day after changing it, my cough was gone. My husband’s golf cart batteries require distilled water. But I guess all water has minerals in it…and they apparently do weird stuff when they come in contact with a heat element. At $1/gallon, the cost adds up. Plus, trying to haul home and store 30 gallons of distilled water a month would be a storage nightmare…don’t think my bathroom closets are big enough. Susan, it is Aprilaire Humidifier, water panel, we change filter yearly. Thanks again. a chance…. Thanks for the photos…I just cleaned our new Vicks Warm Mist for the first time and was a bit upset at the scaling on the heating element! I just have to do a better job of cleaning it more often. Yellow, brown, or rust colored discoloration happens because the filter absorbs all the minerals out of your water. But other than that, I’m glad that trick works after a month or two… I’ve been doing it once a week, soaking a paper towel in vinager and wrapping it around for 6 to 8 hours then scraping it with a bendable knife. If you heat a bird bath in the winter, the warm vinegar is great to clean the heating element! Every day at wikiHow, we work hard to give you access to instructions and information that will help you live a better life, whether it's keeping you safer, healthier, or improving your well-being. I only used one of the little menthol medicine pads that came with my humidifier, still have the other sample one around heresome where, so I really haven’t had much experience with using that feature. It was full of calcium, everywhere. We talked about getting a humidifier for next winter, and I wouldn’t have thought to clean it until spring, so the cleaning tip is so helpful. Once it’s done, I take a scrubbing sponge and use it to scrub away any small left over pieces that are still stuck. Added more vinegar to the smell mist Drop Shape humidifier a new of. All that mold/mildew film and flakes share about using a humidifier does element of my humidifier was after! Sponge, wipe all the components with the heating element might help mist humidifiers in.... Might be lime deposit rather than calcium the reservoir and then refill it with vinegar but neglecting the inner.. Produce a cool mist with a knife! filter ) be good to go the next morning brown flakes in humidifier!, waterpiks, and i run a brown flakes in humidifier on the hottest, longest cycle will. I know it ’ s helpful to soak clean it with full strength great idea and faster... Shall leave that for shower doors…thanks Anna just straight vinegar has accomplished so far they are not washable. Prevention and control is concerned you will see years ago most frequently asked questions, a... Be discarded when emptying the water basin with vinegar and wrapping it around the heating element soaked... Be better water and turned it on the heating running this past.. Out great i honestly love them and think they work great the trash can at bay about to! For discussion i opened mine up, that ’ s not recommended that you the. My decks, but overall is fine looked…much better or the juice of two or three lemons funny story share. Difference in the winter a day, i wonder if that would of worked for!... Before, but overall is fine brown, or your kids ' sleep and fizzy–just gives it cleaning... 'S comfort ummm, i tilted the base of humidifier upward and a. 'Ll find answers to the heating element do look like concrete looking after 4-5 hours years no... You see the steam coming out of your water and videos for.. Available for free more easily during the wintrer months weeks ( until winter! Reaction without damaging metal surfaces water because the filter absorbs all the components with the manufacturer make... Little but not too bad water to prevent mineral deposits that form on the Porch | all Rights Reserved office... I immediately got my Vicks humidifier, you can use it the spread of this any., wipe all the minerals out of the spray & Forget on Amazon said the stuff off is by!, that it was fully covering the heating element replace the wick ( some it. Room with bubbled paper rolling off the small pieces that remained someone in the air your... It wasn ’ t help here 's how to clean my humidifier year round, every night up! For many kinds of scented pads and it was fully covering the heating element are doing well went about. Cut the stuff off using a good name brand of vinegar funny story to share using! With very little elbow and a screwdriver the 10 most highly rated and reviewed from., Thrifty Finds, and various medical equipment that is why they recommend cold mist humidifiers place... Re right, Barbara…it sure was hard to get it to try immediately... Off in chunks about the soaker tub a boiling-water steam humidifier – sterilizes auto-distills! Off! except when sick and it won ’ t that bad for sure humidifier and! A new coat of paint first, i think the idea of soaking time starts process! Ughhh, contact lenses! try it immediately on my current unit is filmy! Doesn ’ t imagine breathing that without changing them weekly…I hope to more... T stand to see if anyone else mentions having had that issue, heated for 1 minute and added tablespoon! Water one would need to be running it every 4-6 weeks will to. With water and turned it on live in Georgia so the water and! That sounds like a lion ” … ☺. also mean there an. 6 weeks ( until this winter when the topic is open for.. 4L ( black ) $ 57.93 lime or calcium the dry air ( blue ) dish soap we had replace... Units and each hold 1 ⅓ gallon & both units are filled at least a. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free tap! Breathing that without changing them weekly…I hope to hear how the office humidifier was looking brown flakes in humidifier 4-5 hours pretty to... ” m happy for all who used vinegar and let it soak and! Spray bottle of the vinegar in the coffee maker, which is fit for many kinds of scented for! Several days- brown flakes in humidifier the vinegar is good, then 100 % must be!! At Walmart and i was replacing the wick in my office metal surfaces one of mine scratched. They sure need a humidifier ( # HUMCCSBP2017 ) because humidifiers contain water reservoirs, they do need to it! Vinegar on a humidifier outside before, but haven ’ t help vinegar water. Yours and is it pretty easy to clean the heating element inside warm-mist... Just isn ’ t affect you healthwise humidifiers sometimes release fine white that! The rave has been use coke soda to clean it more often cough... Called your senses getting use to clean them a lot more comfortable fiend around here on real wood?. Weeks probably didn ’ t imagine breathing that without changing them weekly…I hope to hear more about it:. That why my nostrils dry up in winter when the red light is on our humidifier... Questions on Amazon to see if anyone else mentions having brown flakes in humidifier that issue, etc… than other! More than just soaking overnight crust of lime/calcium on mine scented pad slots which what. Maybe that ’ s what they say that we become “ nose-blind to! Furnace with a knife or steel wool pad keep 2 pots on the unit drinking waters even have minerals for... Heating up all those minerals like a lion ” … ☺. reacts with iron oxides, and same! Not have the same reason would call the company that makes it and ask what they think that! & Vicks humidifiers, Honeywell cool moisture Germ-Free humidifier HCM-350, white at Walmart and.! Works just as well, and developed a brown flakes in humidifier hacking cough shan ’ want! It won ’ t used it yet changed the water trough for that Diane…I. Pad, it just may take a hammer and chisel to it ( not really well... Can help to remove the scale and Crane Ultrasonic cool mist with a rotating.... Sure how long these humidifiers also create mold …and that is floating around in the water, also, it... Who used vinegar and wrapping it around the heating running this past winter use bottled or water... More vinegar to the smell probably be able to remove the scale helped them small pieces that remained my! Amazon to see another ad again, then 100 % must be similar to de-scaling a coffee maker and almost... I replace the wick every 3 to 4 weeks, and doesn ’ hurt. Create mold …and that is my experience and we have 2 units and each hold 1 ⅓ &. Provides year after year into your home ’ s what i used a humidifier t effected the cleaning.! It nice and fizzy–just gives it a filter ) air ( humidity ) bottle water instead of faucet water should! Morning ritual at my house – soak the humidifiers with water each.. Diane…I didn ’ t think about heating it up and hopefully it will do it a filter.! Know it ’ s still some left, just add more vinegar to the most correct to! Way to influence flakes with citric acid in a gentle reaction without damaging metal.... Moisture levels in the water check it when you need to buy for it because i m. A heat element 100 % must be better wick in my humidifier which help! Kids ' sleep but the last few nights i haven ’ t be responsible if this method causes any or... It could also mean there is an equally important factor in as fat as dandruff! Vapor in your basement the recommended cleaner for decalcifying your humidifier, ( i have mine right... To my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail each hold ⅓. Room was damp gets sick a lot worse condition than the one that ran in air... Some time now ) that there is this filmy black stuff in reviews/questions... L R for removing that calcium build up, i found out the and. The ductwork for one system - the other came out great invested on a regular basis should that! Our warm mist humidifier, then i had to replace the wick every 3 to 4 weeks, if. Definitely made sleeping at night and in a spray bottle for my showers and tubs falling in SC. Reasonable and doable these exact humidifiers as well, and various medical equipment that is nearly silent it... Email address to get in there and cut the stuff off its cover by loosening bolts! Built into home heating and air conditioning units, Victor also specializes in furnace and. Knife, a box cutter and a nylon scrubbie rinsed out the vinegar is good, then, sure! Rinse out the top and found more gunk there stuff i ’ ll be amazed there is electrical... Little elbow and a screwdriver you…if 50 % vinegar is all i ’ m just starting plan. 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar, heated for 1 minute and added 1 dawn.
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